To be honest teenage life is quite dramatic, full of your daily episodes of melodrama. Actually life as a teenager is not very hard to live just us makes it complicated. You are starting to observe and analyse your surroundings. Your teenage years are the time of your life when you experience the most rapid changes emotionally, mentally and physically. The hormonal imbalance in your body can really mess you up emotionally. I have been there. Spent my teen years exploring what life is all about! Turning 18 this year life thought me a lot.

Life of teenager is full of tough issues and life-changing decisions. Yaa we are trying so hard not to go wrong and get hurt while dealing with situations that we are not mature enough to handle and not even naive enough to be ignorant.

Girls are becoming obsessed and insecure about their appearance when people starting to critics and give negative remarks about their skin condition or skin tone. Then, your self confidence goes down the drain. I went through that too. I put on tough and “I’m okey” display on the outside but deeply hurt inside. Now my skin is getting better and healthier than before. That’s just enough for me. I have fully embraced my skin condition. 

They don’t see your long, tough process. They only critics without thinking how much work you put into it. Try to accept and bring the best out of yourself. Instead of trying to be one of the crowd by adopting similar habits, dare to be different because not everyone does. It is really not worth brooding over things and feeling bad of yourself.

This is good time for girls to take up sports. It helps you get fit body and healthy skin. Eat healthy food because it helps treating the issue inside out.
 It requires a lot of hard work and no shortcut in achieving something. Do whatever you love and enjoy. Don’t let your mundane bring you down, stop being ordinary and choose to be extraordinary. You’re special in your own way. Take your flaws as part of nature. Be confident with your appearance and do something to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. You could pursue your hobbies and interests to become multifaceted! The world needs to see that.

There is a lot negative and positive pressure amongst teens. You really need to put head up high girl! No matter what you do, it should be your personal choice that you will make you happy and comfortable with. You could count the things that are going wrong in life but you should prefer to focus more and enjoy the good things that you’ve got going now. Just remember to enjoy your teen life with positive energy around you. In your teenage years, life can be filled with twists and turns but you need to take that as experiences and learning from them, so enjoy every bit of it to the fullest.

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