I think I’m mature enough to make a move to different kind of blogspot. At first   I’m not quite tough to post about opinions but now I’m so so ready. Being 18 hit me so badly. I spent my leisure reading news and I started to think about life instead of video games like other people do. To be honest I must say that every time I flipped through there’s always news about teenagers. The good ones and the bad ones as well. 

I put so much respect to the teenagers that delivered an epitome for other people’s inspiration. Some of them started campaign in school, represented for international competition/tournament, travelling the world at the age of 18, published novels and short stories so many for me to list it. I would put a point on the bad ones as well. The bully cases in school never meet the full stop until now. I’m sure you guys already know about other cases ( ponteng, committed suicide) and it is very sensitive to dispute about it here. The fact that teenagers nowadays are very into social media and social media has been their daily basis. Abruptly they’re very obsessed to get million followers and likes - seeking for attention from the strangers (seek attention for the right reason guys). Non-stop judging issues about other’s physicality on the comment section that might hurt other people’s feeling. I really don’t why they have to live this kind of lifestyle. We are in very modern digital era and you have to change your mindset as well.

It really gave me huge reflections. An honest statement, I do agree this happen based on several factors but the main is to have self control in everything you do whether in real life and also online. Teenagers should have practice good habits to create a better future. Leave all the bad and start to create healthy and balance lifestyle. 

spend more time with people that matter

Seize every moments of your life

Always support and spread the love to each other

Respect teachers/parents and get their blessings

Take the first step to forgive people first

Surround yourself with people who are positive-minded

Always see the beauty in other’s heart not by looks

Have sense of gratitude and appreciate people around you

Take full responsibility on your action

Take part in voluntary project/humanitarian work

Away from systematic discrimination against other race

Share something good with people around you

Start your day with smile and positive mind

Put Allah in your heart and have faith on Allah always

Challenge yourself and overcome fears/weakness

Earn your own pocket money and spend money for good purpose

Don’t ever cross the line when you open up an opinion or critic

Pick up useful skills or fun hobbies

Reject negative vibes

Read more and continuously learning every day

Improve your ways of speaking

Be punctual and no dilly-dally

Love yourself and accept your flaws as a nature’s art

Have yearly plan/ goals/ resolutions and start thinking about careers/future

Take failure as a part of success and never put yourself in comfortable zone

Don’t sit down and wait but search for opportunities/ chances

Self-cleanliness and surrounding

Avoid procrastination on daily task/ assignments

Be independent and develop leadership skills

Avoid animal cruelty

Take the bad times/things as a lesson

Practice proper sleep pattern and skincare routine

Good eating habits (eat fruits, no snacks, drink a lot of water)

Less fatigue, less depression, less perturbation

Work out / yoga / marathon/ sports / meditate

Maintain a good social life

Do some house chores/ spring cleaning and learn how to cook

Explore/discover amazing places

Take time off from social media

I don’t make an elaboration just to make you think of why you should take above seriously. I asked few opinions from my friends as well (just testing them hahahahah they probably gonna hate me) 

I’ve shared 18 lessons learned as a teenager in previous blogpost. So far my life has been adorned with love and positivity! Somehow even when we are adult we still go the ups and downs just the matter of how we evolved and how we cope in the challenging world out there simply by starting at the young age. There are still a lot of experiences in life that you need to have and lessons that you need to learn from these experiences. So be brave and brace it with courage. Put head up high in creating a better generations. On top of all these, just enjoy your life!

Different people come with different perspective and I do respect that. If you have anything to share with me yaa sure I would love to know your opinion as well.


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