I had a huge breakout when I was 12. My skin was behaving abnormally. I have active pimples on my forehead which was very very bad for 12-years-old-girl. I had low self-esteem fuhhh. All girls at school were so pretteyy mann. 'nope, you gotta take better care of your skin.' Then, I did some research on various products that might works on me. I bought Safi Balqis since my sister using it and work well on her. I used the cleanser for few months, and the pimples on my cheeks were still there. One disappears, another one pop up.  Took me a whole freaking month to realise that the cleanser was way too harsh for my skin, and it just wasn't working. People thought that I’m using blusher on my right cheek only. Denggg .World. Ends.

I tossed it into the trash without having a backup cleanser.I stopped using anything on my face. My mom made an appointment with the dermatologist since it getting worse. I went through face screening and the doc said I had acne-prone skin. It is an inflammation of the oil-glands of the skin which producing red pimples. #naturalblusher. It was very long process to see any changes but worth it at the end.  No more natural blusher.  That was 6 years ago story. Now I’m turning 18 soon. I already fix my daily skincare routine including what has the doc advised and my own research. Firstly, I ain't no expert.


Morning routine
Foam wash >  moisterise > lip balm

Evening routine
Foam wash > pimples scar remover

Night routine
Wash face > acne gel > lip balm

I changed night routine on

Morning routine
Facial scrub > foam wash > moisterise > lip balm

Night routine
Wash face > sheet mask or sleeping mask > lip balm

Super simple skincare routine. What works for me may not work for you, everyone's skin is different. The products that I’m going to share are cater perfectly fine for my skin type, sensitive so if you have the same skin type as me then hopefully it'll work as well on you as it has been for me. I'm just simply sharing what's been working for my skin.

1.      Foam wash: AZ Clear Action
This foam wash was recommended by the doc for my type of skin. Most foam wash are hydrating that’s why you need to apply moisteriser.

2.      Moiteriser : Miseoul  Aloe Vera Water Essence Gel
I started using it early this year and really work on my skin. It dehydrates my skin after facial wash.  It reduces the redness of my pimples. Aloe vera products slightly more sticky but this one is good. Once the gel touches the skin it will become watery not sticky. Love love love!! All the previous moisturisers I had, come in tubs that I had to dip my fingers in and I always thought that was unhygienic but this one comes with small spoon. So don’t worry about it.

3.      Pimples scar remover: Bio Oil
My pimples tend to leave behind dark marks and pigmentation . Mostly because I squeeze so hard that blood comes out. Again, DON'T DO THAT. This product will not give any changes in short terms so just continue using it. Bio oil is multipurpose products. It can use for uneven skin tone, dehydrated skin,stretch marks and ageing skin.

4.      Ance gel: Galderma Differin Gel
This one also recommended by my doc. It helps to control the acne and reduce itchiness.

5.      Lip balm: The Body Shop Aloe Lip Care
Lip balm is a must. You might end u having chapped lip if you don’t apply it all the time.

6.      Sheet mask: Watsons Bamboo Fabric Facial Mask
It comes with many kind of extract. Lycopene extract is my favourite. By far I really recommend this because the essence is A LOT. You can apply excess essence on the neck.

7.      Sleeping mask: Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
If I’m so lazy to put on sheet mask, I just apply sleeping mask. I just have to apply before sleep then next morning I just have to wash it. Hydrated and glowing skin! It has lovely scent too. Laneige products quite pricey too but small dot just enough for whole face.

8.      Facial scrub: St Ives Apricot Scrub
I scrub my face twice a week and mostly I do that every weekend. Since I have very sensitive skin so I scrub my face gently. It won’t irritate skin then.

9.      Pimple cream: Oxy 10 Acne Pimple Medication
My penyelamat!! At first, I’m scared that it won’t works on my type of skin. IT ACTUALLY WORKS OKEY. If I have a pimple, I usually dot this on my pimple in the morning and before I sleep, and after a few days, the pimple is almost gone.

That’s all for my daily skin routine. I change my products if I am going out for events and travel as well. Promise to share with you on other blogpost.


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