Welcome 2018! How everyone’s new year celebration? A year has passed and I’m getting older here babe. 2018? I started to realize that I’m 18teen now but not officially yet. Hahahah I have 2 more years to enjoy my teenage life. Better get ready to achieve more before turning 20. #cryyyyyy. My sister is preparing her books, school attire for tomorrow since she start schooling already. Me? What should I prepare?

No more wakes up early in the morning rush to school, no more wearing school attire, no more rehat with friends at school canteen, no more school homework. Then what should I do for 2018? A year without school routine kinda odd a bit I think. So today is the first day of 2018 so I decided to set up my 2018 resolutions because for 11 years with the same resolution. More about school derr. This year more mature resolution instead of never procrastinate homework. I jotted down my 2018 resolutions in my journal. I think I should share here in case somebody looking for no-more-school-resolutions.

Ok, resolutions time:

1.      To snack less and exercise more.
       I’m busy with my school thingsss so no time to exercise. So this year full of leisure time so no more excuses yaa. I have treadmill in my house so probably spend running 20 mins and cycling 30 mins. I’ll try hum starting tomorrow or…. next month maybe.Stop snacking on junkfood and eat less fastfood maybe. But I couldn’t reject my pizza, fried chicken, kerepek, magi mee ohh I’ll try.

2.      To not waste time.
       I used to spend of my time at school and get used to the routine. this year is like 360 degree life. A huge different from school life. For not wasting my time, I already listed everything what should I do.

-          I already planned for my first ever diary to jot down sweet memories with friends and family as well.

-          I listed out house chores that mom always do. Now is my turn to do that!! Oh my tahi cicak you better don’t berak near the windows. Including learn how to cook as well duhh. Never ever cook before so yeahh kinda odd in the kitchen.

-          Start to read books not chemistry any more but storybooks that I borong at BBW because mom said if you didn’t read it I will give away all the books. NO. NO. NO.  ( I just bought Wimpy Kid The Gateway #12 yesterday. Mom gonna scold me) okey, okey, I will start read it tonight. Hum tomorrow laa.

-          Read more newspaper as well (mature resolution hahhaks) yeaa lately I read more about the youngster news. Sometimes there are good news and bads fuhh.

3.      To care about myself more.
During school I don’t really have my me time. All about schoolwork, exams, presentations all the school things. This year I’m focus on myself  not just talking about food and exercise, but grooming too. Scrub, moisturise, (I’m going to be 18 this year!). I just bought my first ever Duck girl powder! Also, to learn more about how to take care of sensitive skin. I’ve been watching tutorials and I’ve suddenly developed an obsession towards mask thingy.

4.      To be more spiritually engaged this year.
Honestly, I hardly had time to read the Quran or go for any talks. I only depends on    school to organise all the years of schooling. Pretty goods that my school priotise more on religious events. This year with more leisure time I’ll spend more time to it. Insya Allah.

5.      To blog more.
No promise but I’ll try to blog more than before. This blog right here is my happy place to share my tips and sweet memories here. You have no idea how I feel if I don’t blog but school things are way more important. It gets really hard with my hectic school life , but I updated my blog twice a year #effort. So this year, I’m not going to procrastinate.

The top 5 resolutions for 2018. I hope I’ll can fulfill it to make my 2018 more meaningful. I can’t wait to start my life being 18 years-old-girl and for what future holds for me. I truly believe that this year full of opportunities, a year full of grow and glow filled with love.
 My SPM result coming soon!!


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