I’m officially 18 now! 31 January, end of the first month for this year. A perfect day to blog on my special day. I feel like I’m a new person. New and improved version of myself. Feel somehow a grown-up person when I started to think rationally, not to compare my life with others. I always find what’s good and beautiful in my life as it is now. 18 lessons I’ve learned throughout the years.

1.      You’re more than enough
Don't look at other people's source of joy as a model for your happiness. I used to compare my life with my peers who are far ahead in their careers. I’ve learnt that I’m contented simply because I am doing all the things that right for me.

2.      Take time off
A day off for you from this complicated life. Take a step back to reevaluate your priorities.

3.      Keep learning new things
Challenge yourself by learning something new. Whenever I can, I also join workshops to gain some knowledge which sometimes I can’t get it from school. I leave every workshop feeling so fulfilled and full of excitement to share it with my friends.

4.      Take time to marvel at  God’s creation
Travel isn’t about having fun all the time. Travelling taught me all lot of things, to appreciate God’s creations. You will receive the blessings from Him throughout the journey and ease your journey as well.

5.      Have a sense of gratitude
Appreciate people around you. You make not realise that their presence make your life even better. Always thank them for what they have done.

6.      Read plenty of books
One of my resolution this year. Right books can crack your mind wide open and help you to see the world in a different light. Reading books give me clarity of mind. If you can’t get away from phone, just download Wattpad (online book).

7.      You meet better people as you improve yourself
Yes I must say. Be genuine and honest then you will surround by good people.

8.      Reject all negative vibes
If not you will never enjoy your life. That’s it.

9.      Spread happiness even to strangers
Make people around you happy always. Share your happiness with loved ones.
Your life will full of glow and glitters.

10.  Forgive others
This needs no explanation here. Always forgive people when they did something wrong to you. There’s no point of conceal your anger for long period. You will never get any benefit from it. Trust me. Take step forward to forgive people first.

11.  Create a good daily habit
I always sleep back after subuh prayer but now no more.  Why I should get back to sleep after express my gratitude to Allah for giving me a day to do good deeds? Do what makes you feel comfortable in the morning. I am getting used to the morning routine.

12.  Develop life plans
Always set new year resolution to be a better person every year. Set goals to achieve every year. Life plans make your life more meaningful because at the end of the year you feel that you’re not wasting your life.

13.  Never let social media control your life
You should enjoy your life. Control everything that you share on social media. Share something that benefit people and at the same time for you to treasure your memories. Never get to obsess with followers and likes. I learnt a lot when I’m away from social media for a year (will share with you on other blogpost). Less social media consumption and give yourself a break.

14.  Always have right intention
No matter what you choose to do. Never ever set your mind to have bad intention to other people just for your satisfaction.

15.  Give full effort in everything you do
Careers, studies, family, friends and yourself. End of the process, effort = pure gold.

16.  Think before you speak
I went through this and I won’t make it happen again. I have ruined the situation just because of what I said. When you’re angry about something just remain silent and then fix the problem after that. Anger controls everything in your brain which you can’t think rationally.

17.  Failure gives success its flavour
For me failure is like the end of the world. “Ok, I’m giving up already” .As I grown up, I realised that failure is the condiment that gives success its flavour. It is not about the final result but the journey to go to the end of the process itself is pure gold. Failure is the best teacher in life if you value them in right way.

18.  Remember Allah SWT
Whatever you done in your life, centre of your heart is a special place reserved for Allah SWT.  Everything happen in your life was His plan. There is reason why bad things happen sometimes and always think in positive way. Express your gratitude to Him when good things happen in your life.

18 and I am feeling grateful as ever. Alhamdulillah for everything I have in this 18 years. For the people I have in my life and for where I am now. I hope for another 18 years full of glow and grow of loves. Humm 36 lessons? #notgonnahappenhahaha


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