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I’m officially 18 now! 31 January, end of the first month for this year. A perfect day to blog on my special day. I feel like I’m a new person. New and improved version of myself. Feel somehow a grown-up person when I started to think rationally, not to compare my life with others. I always find what’s good and beautiful in my life as it is now. 18 lessons I’ve learned throughout the years.


I had a huge breakout when I was 12. My skin was behaving abnormally. I have active pimples on my forehead which was very very bad for 12-years-old-girl. I had low self-esteem fuhhh. All girls at school were so pretteyy mann. 'nope, you gotta take better care of your skin.' Then, I did some research on various products that might works on me. I bought Safi Balqis since my sister using it and work well on her. I used the cleanser for few months, and the pimples on my cheeks were still there. One disappears, another one pop up.  Took me a whole freaking month to realise that the cleanser was way too harsh for my skin, and it just wasn't working. People thought that I’m using blusher on my right cheek only. Denggg .World. Ends.


Welcome 2018! How everyone’s new year celebration? A year has passed and I’m getting older here babe. 2018? I started to realize that I’m 18teen now but not officially yet. Hahahah I have 2 more years to enjoy my teenage life. Better get ready to achieve more before turning 20. #cryyyyyy. My sister is preparing her books, school attire for tomorrow since she start schooling already. Me? What should I prepare?
No more wakes up early in the morning rush to school, no more wearing school attire, no more rehat with friends at school canteen, no more school homework. Then what should I do for 2018? A year without school routine kinda odd a bit I think. So today is the first day of 2018 so I decided to set up my 2018 resolutions because for 11 years with the same resolution. More about school derr. This year more mature resolution instead of never procrastinate homework. I jotted down my 2018 resolutions in my journal. I think I should share here in case somebody looking for no-more-school-…