I get an offered again to join Scouts camp but this time was slightly different because it was an international level camp. It was 13th Malaysia Scout Jamboree and Kuala Lumpur International Jamboree 2016.  So the camping will be joined not only Malaysians but other selected country such as Brunei, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Singapore and others.

We arrived at the entrance gate of Metropolitan Batu Park, Kuala Lumpur. That day seems cloudy and was about to rain. We straight away picked up our bags and rushed to our campsite. By the time we stacked our bags under the secretariat’s tent, it was raining heavily. We decided to wait until the rain in very fine drops then we will set up our tent. We had no activities during the first day so we strolled around the park to spot on where was the toilets, surau, etc. At night, we had roll call and briefing from the commandants. Then, time to sleep!

The toilet was way too far from our campsite. So we woke up at 5 a.m. to prepare ourselves. Then, we jogged around the park to warm up our body. We sang a song while jog and greeted everyone along the way. It was very awkward at first but a good start of the day. Done one around, we rushed back to wear our full uniform for our formal morning routine. In the evening, we had to make clothesline at our campsite to hang up towel, socks etc. It was raining fine drops and really hope that our clothesline will still stable. Before we had our tea time, the teachers gave some briefing and divided us into different group for tomorrow activities according to the colours selected; red, blue, green and yellow. I was in red team!! Not really recognized each other but will sociable later. Done Isya’ prayer, we were in our full uniform for our opening ceremony to inaugurate the 13th Malaysia Scout Jamboree and Kuala Lumpur International Jamboree 2016. The inaugurator is the camp chief, YH. Dato’ Dr. Elli Haji Mohd Tahir. All the scouts from different countries assembled to witness the unforgettable night. It was a great honour to be there. Nothing much was done on the second day but it was going to be tough day tomorrow. We had our night briefing for tomorrow activities and gave out passport.

Good morning! We woke up little bit early to prepare ourselves on time. So on the third day red team did some activities which called Pameran Informasi dan Caran Aktiviti Berpengkalan. There were 8 zone; Zon Sukan Bandar, Zon Sukan Rakyat, Zon Lapang Sasar, Zon Kebudayaan, Zon Komunikasi, Zon Teknologi, Zon Rekreasi Air And Zon Komunikasi & Alam Sekitar. Each zone has several activities that been organized. We can choose any activities from different zones to get 30 stamps within 2 days. It was pretty nice to experience all sort of activities that we’ve never did before. For Pameran Informasi , all the agencies and departments exhibited some informations about Jabatan-jabatan Kerajaan, Agensi Pertahanan & Keselamatan, Pertubuhan Bukan Kerajaan and Badan Beruniform. It was very knowledgeable as we went through all the exhibitions. We had to complete as many activities as we can. At night we have been told that we had Selawat Perdana at the assembly point. We asked for Allah’s blessing and protection. The night full blessed.

The next day, red team went for tour around Kuala Lumpur. There were 4 zones that are listed in our passport such as Zon Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Zon Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Zon Taman Botani Perdana Dan Zon Kuala Lumpur Sentral. We went tour around Kuala Lumpur Sentral. For short KL Sentral.  We took train from Taman Wahyu Station to KL Sentral. Then, we walked to National Museum. Yaa you know museum. It was decrepit, classic, traditional but knowledgeable. My attention brought me to Pameran Tenunam Songket ASEAN. It blew my mind. The details of the songket were overwhelmed with wonder. We walked through a wayang kulit exhibition. It was a great experience for me as that was my first time saw those wayang kulit. They even played a story using wayang kulit for us to feel like our grandma used to.  An artsy person like me will feel it. Next stop, we went to Royal Museum. It took almost 30 minutes from National Museum to Royal Museum by RapidKL. Yaa museum againnnn. Honestly I fell in love with the interior design in every room. I couldn’t describe more because it was their privacy. You should stop there to experience it. Artsy person will understand me well. 6 hours of tour finally we went back to our campsite. We had our lunch and continue our Aktiviti Berpengkalan to collect 30 stamps. At night we had cultural night. Usually we get to watch only Malaysian traditional dance but this time we get a chance to witness a night full of colours. We left the hall little bit early because it was started to rain. We need to prepare ourselves for midnight roll call. Tough day for red team on the next day!


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