Do something new is the thing I would like to try. From that I can know my ability and my weakness on something. The criticism from my performance might also help to improve. I know that some people will be uncomfortable whenever they get critics. I'm advising you to take that critics because it can helps you to learn from what you had done so in future you wouldn’t repeat the mistakes. Take the compliments as a bonus of your performance. Those experiences I can share with my partner. Totally make them really interest to try something new.

 Many people with a statement which they don’t want to take a try because they are very scared of trying new things since that is never been done before. They are very worry of getting critics from public. I felt the same at first but at the end I think I should try so that I can pop up myself on what I can do. If you can’t believe me, I would to clear off this statement with my experience.

I get offered to join forum. It’s very hard decision to say yes or no because I’m totally zero that time. I’m pretty sure that included a refresh mind with creative ideas and make sense to convince people. It almost took about day and night to discuss with my parents and teacher. Alhamdulillah I’m willing to take that as a challenge. My legs were wobbled by the time I told my teacher. Ahh my mind kept on thinking what happen next, what happen next. 

My first practice after school was really awkward. Fortunately, I’ve my friend was also in my situation, Amira. The practice was handling by only one teacher. She was trying to explain what forum all about. Amira and I were seriously like out of nowhere. Where are we now?!! Thank Allah there was Aida and Aza with us too! Hey we had a very good solid team. The competition was just after eid, we were very out of time. My team has to practice during whole day of Ramadan pretty much made us frazzled. We even had to discuss during weekend and probably our eid. No matter what we have to sacrifices for it. 

We have to make forum text straight away which really though. Later then, I must say it was really fun because everybody was sharing their opinion on something. When the text was almost finished, we must present our text with intonation and clear pronunciations. I always stuttered when it comes to my turn. The teacher gave her opinions on how we should present. My team was also helped with my intonation which was horrible at first. The presentation should be confident to convince the judges with our facts. After all the hustle and bustle weeks that we went through together, now comes to the real world babeyhh!!!

Once I stepped up on the stage, my pulse was beating so fast. Once I sit and take the microphone, it as beating EVEN FASTERRR. Oh myy how am I going to deal with this kind of situation? That time I'm trying so badly to comfort myself. When its my turn to give a talk, Alhamdulillah it went very well but my pulse still beating. My friends gave their best too. 
Of course every participants put hopes to win the competition same as we do but yaa we didn't make it to top 4.

The end of the day, it doesn't demoralize us but yet we felt really grateful to have really good team that work hard and helping each other. There were so many things that I’ve learned from practice until up on stage. Confident, patience, team work and most importantly dealing with my nervous. I seem to love forum so much now but we need to work harder for next year. I never felt regret of my decision. At the end you will find the benefits of every little thing you do with your team. That’s make me feel “I should try more”


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