I’ve been to big bad wolf book sale for three times. My first time went to BBW was really out of expectation. I thought that I would easily find my desire books but its turned out to be 360’. All the crowded and all the books were everywhere. So I’m here to rescue you on how to survive at craziest BBW book sale.

Wear loose outfit and comfortable shoes
BBW team usually rent a huge hall. You will browse the whole area of the hall. Wear comfortable shoes like sport shoes or flat will not cause any foot pain. Heels are terrible. You will end up exiting gate immediately. Some goes to outfit, wear any loose blouse or t-shirt which is the best choice. It allows the air enter and will not make you sweaty. You probably in a good mood while choosing books.

Avoid coming during off-peak hours
Don’t come during off-peak hour such as during lunch break or after office/school hour. That time will be crowded with people who have limited time after office hour. The best way is to come early in the morning. The earlier you go, the higher your chances of getting first dibs of the books you want. BBW sometimes runs 24 hours so I kind of suggest you to go at late night for those who can drive by their own. You can feel the peace while choosing books.  

Bring your own shopping bag
The organizers do provide shopping basket for you but sometimes runs out quickly. If you manage to get the basket, you are so lucky. So for making yourself easier bring along a bag with wheels like a small suitcase or a trolley. It will work best for you. Your arms will thank you for not burden them.

Bring a checklist
Bring a checklist of books you want to get. If you’re thinking of getting only few books so you should leave not more than that. To be honest I did that for my first time went to BBW.  I know this is the best time to buy books you could never get on cheaper prices but please stay with your budget. You may need that extra money for food or taxi’s fare. Before I get forget, please be prepared the book that it might not be available during the sale so that you are not going to waste your time. 

Be a considerate shopper
There will be a million of books that you are going to browse and easily get overwhelming. The books will be arranged every section according to their genre. Sometimes you just randomly pick the book first to avoid other people get them. Later on when you are not interest with the book, I kindly advise you to place the unwanted books where you found them. Don’t just chuck them in random places. This will burden the staff to rearrange back and other shoppers that couldn’t find their wanted books.

Bring along small water bottle
It will get hot and stuffy with crowded of people. You can get thirsty easily after cruising the hall so cool yourself down with a bottle of water. Don’t worry if you hungry, there will be vendors selling food and drinks at the venue.

I hope that this tips will help you to survive at the book sale. Especially for the first time. 


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