We’re about to get into the Islamic month of Ramadhan. This is the time of year when Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and bad actions during daylight hours. This make people say that fasting make them lethargy or tired. However there are some easiest tips and tricks to stay energetic throughout the day by preparing physical nourishment and spiritual nourishment.


Choose the right carbs
Some people may not like to take rice for sahur. You’ve other choice to choose which are whole grain cereals, oatmeal or brown bread. These foods release sugars at a slow and steady rate. This will help you to get a constant good flow of energy in the form of glucose throughout the day. Traditionally, people always take dates during sahur and iftar which have essential carbs and as a sunnah. So no such as lethargy! 

Avoid caffeine and junk food
Don’t ever dare to take caffeinated beverages during sahur. These drinks will dehydrate your body and will make you feel thirsty throughout the day. You can either choose honey drink or for best warm water.  These drinks will give you a surplus amount of carbs. Say goodbye to junk food kids. This will cause your energy will only last for a short period of time. This happen due to sudden burst of sugar into your blood stream.

Eat in moderation
It is advisable to avoid bringing excessively food into your stomach during iftar. Yaa I know some people might have a wild shopping at bazaar ramadhan just to get some delicious food in order to renew your stomach for not eating throughout the day. I know its tantalize everybody with all the food in bazaar ramadhan. Hey I tell my tricks here. You’ve to fast for 30 days. Each day you bought ONLY ONE food that you’ve been crave for but not in large amount. Extravagant meals are unnecessarily when your body has sufficed. These help to avoid digestion problem after iftar.


Remembrance of our heart
Recite Al-Quran each day help you feel ease after surround with work. You either recite during day if you’re free or midnights which make you feel calm with no noise. If you’re working with short break during the day you can indulge your day with dhikir after zuhur prayer to keep your iman high. Dhikir carries a lot of good deeds especially during Ramadhan. Your heart should be tune with what you utter from your lips. A long fast will be  multi rewarded if you always remember Allah SWT.

Physical good deeds
Multi rewarded from Allah if you perform good deeds to others. No matter big or small they may be. Remove stains from a path or open a door someone. The other way is make a sadaqah as your daily habit even in normal month. If its effect your daily financial, you also give whatever skill or volunteer to give support to the needy. Even though your action is just a little but remember every action you do during Ramadhan the reward is extraordinary.

As a fasting person, you have chances of having prayers answered. In Shaa Allah. Therefore, seize this opportunity to repent and supplicate to Allah SWT whenever you’ve finish your prayer. These allow your eyes and heart cry to clean your stain in your heart. When you make it with wholehearted In Shaa Allah you will feel of being close to Allah SWT which is the most rewarding blessings.

“Eating the right type of foods will nourish your body while spiritual acts will nourish your mind and soul”


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