I’ve never been to Kelantan for few years. So my father planned to visit his friend there. He asked us if we want to follow him to go Kelantan. Been thinking about it for few hours. Yaa you know Kelantan has no straight road and take few hours to reach Kelantan. But hey its Kelantan laa. Bila lagi je boleh pergi sana lagi. Their cultural will be different like KL. They have their own Malay slang, their own signature food.

After few hours in the car. Finally reached Kelantan!! Wehoo my body cramped. By the time stepped on the land of Kelantan. I felt oh my I can’t believe I can make it here. First stop at Kelantan was of course we had our lunch. The ambience was slightly different than KL because they spoke in their on slang. I had really awkward conversation with a guy a selling our lunch meal. I was looking for mom  so she can translate it for me. 

He actually asked which part of chicken that I want. I replied ”mana-mana jela”. I wasn’t really that confident. Thank god he understood. What a good start. Anyway the total lunch meals just take a few of Malaysian Ringgit. Guess how much? RM15!!! For total of 4 people not EACH PERSON. Wow I probably come Kelantan often but I have to go for tuition to learn their slang. they might ask me about fish parts.

I always glanced to people next our table. They ordered kind of coconut husk and got some colourful choco rice on top. I want it too!! i ordered that because the way their presentation was really tantalize us. So here it is; actually called 'ais krim kelapa dengan pulut' yummy!!

Our trip to Kelantan will be not meaningful if we don’t take a try on their nasi kerabu. My father’s friend brought us to the restaurant that very famous with nasi kerabu. Nasi kerabu usually blue coloured-rice but in Kelantan they use white rice and  added in side dish kambing panggang. I wish we can tapau and bring it home. It was really finger liking good. The way the presented it was really old-school. It how kelantanese eat guys!!

End of our trip. It was really heart breaking maann. When will I come here again? Gonna miss their cultural, people’s slang, the nasi kerabu, ais krim kelapa ahh everything. One more highlight of our trip was we stopped by RnR Titiwangsa. I couldn’t expect there was real Banjaran titiwangsa. I though it was just a name. it real Banjaran titiwangsa babe which really known as Malaysia’s backbone. Felt really blessed that I get chance to see Allah’s creations. Masya Allah.

 It was phenomenal! You should see it too but be prepared for your cramped muscle.
Love Kelantan. See you again soon!


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