I’ve been involved in scout for 6 years. Join camp is a must every year. Recently, my friends and I were invited to join camp. That was one of special camp in my entire life. I would like to tell you why. It’s because scout association was collaborate with Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission. For short we called it as MCMCPPM Camp. 

We have to sleep in the tent for 4 days. Oh normal for us don’t worry. The hardest is leaving my bantal busuk because it doesn’t fit my camping bag. Hardest goodbye I must say.
Forget about my bantal busuk. B is going to take care of it. First day was like really awkward with people, with surrounding. We were trying to be friendlier. But it turned out vice versa when our tent broke. Aggghh plus it was raining. We had to ask for another tent. Luckily, our patience has paid off when somebody offered us new tent. We thought that we going to sleep beside the campfire. All those had settled, and then as usual we had our prayer together and recited yassin so that Allah SWT ease everything and protect us from any bad things happen. First night usually not very sleepy so we decided to bath at midnight. It’s our plan to clean up ourselves during midnight and tomorrow morning we don’t have to rush. 
Just wash face and brush your teeth! That’s the trick babeyyhh!!

First day at the campsite, they divided us (campers) into few group followed our own district. We made our way to the first activity. That day we had first two out of five activities. For first session, we had bengkel keselamatan internet klik dengan bijak. They presented on how to use the internet and communication devices with very good way. I like the part when it came to what you should and shouldn’t post in social media. We clearly pay attention because it’s related to us as an internet user. We knew the goods and bad of using internet if we don’t use it wisely. But most importantly, we as an internet user must use it to a good path so that no bad things can happen. 

For second session, we had our kemahiran komunikasi. For this session we learned how to use morse kod, radio amatur and semaphores. We were allowed to choose two out of three. Morse kod is where every sound has its own meaning. We memories each sound. Err very tricky so we didn’t chose that. My friends and I decided to choose radio amatur and semaphores. Radio amatur is where we get to learn how to use walkie talkie but must talk using some codes which made people doesn’t know our conversation. Funny anyway but yet a good experience. For semaphores, we had to hold two red flag. Every action represents each alphabet. In order to complete that task we need to make a short sentence using those codes. We rolled our eyes. Fineeeee. At night as usual we had our cultural night which every district have to perform some legend story.  They were really talented especially when they talk north Malay slang.


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